Blackall-Tambo Regional Council engaged the Tilma Group to deliver digital marketing training and one-on-one consultations targeting small business in both the Blackall and Tambo townships.

We found Linda and Lisa very professional to deal with; working consistently within a tight schedule they went above and beyond the project parameters to ensure that the participants gained the maximum benefit. Delivery was across the board, they were able to identify areas where they could assist all participants, from the social media savvy to beginners.

Council has received extremely positive feedback regarding the project including:

“I really enjoyed the workshop and would love to do another one!”

Lisa Alexander Photography

The overwhelmingly positive response to the training encourages Council to seek further funding to enable engagement of the Tilma Group to undertake a follow up project to assist businesses to continue to strengthen their digital presence.

- Alison Shaw, Arts and Cultural Officer.

‘‘I loved the workshops and got a huge amount out of it. I now have a marketing plan- whereas I had no idea prior!”

Emily Wilson, Little Miss Pom Bookkeeping

At Tambo Teddies we have only just embarked into the world of digital marketing with a Facebook page and a website. Newbies in the digital space, we do however consider this is the direction that we need to head to grow our business and reach more customers.

The personalized digital marketing training we received from the Tilma Group as part of the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council’s project was invaluable. Linda and Lisa were able to provide us with some fantastic ideas on how to develop content for our marketing as well as show us how to link all our digital activities to ensure we are maximizing our efforts.

We have seen some instant results; the linking of our newsletter directly to our on-line shop has resulted in sales directly in response to our latest circular. Similarly Tilma also linked our Facebook page to our online shop and we are now able to see exactly how our customers are accessing our site, this is priceless!

Showing an instant understanding of our business the Tilma team quickly identified new avenues for us to take advantage of to promote our products.  We are excited to implement their ideas and have a go at promotion across new platforms, connecting with the Tilma Group has been great for our business!

- Alison Shaw, Director, Tambo Teddies Pty Ltd

“Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with the Digital Marketing Ladies”

- Randall Ellison,  Tambo Foodworks