YOU CALL THIS WORK (cont. again)


Day 4 saw another early morning with my first ARTN board meeting at 7am. The Board meeting gave me insights into the direction of the ARTN and I was selected onto the Membership sub-committee. A great first meeting.

It was a big day, with Rose Wright from ARTN giving a presentation on Destination Management. Rose spoke about how we all need to start working beyond tourism to develop our destinations and have to work with others who have influence on the destination.

“We can’t just do marketing, we need to take responsibility and manage our destination.”
“Not every town is a destination, some are just tea and rest stops on the way to a destination.”

It was then another big night, with the Gala dinner, bush style! Held at Brickendon Farm and Colonial Village (about 20 mins out of Launceston) we enjoyed dinner in a Colonial style barn and ate local produce and local beer – I have never drank so much Boag’s beer in my life!

Everyone let their hair down tonight and enjoyed a dance, as well as a Tassie surprise when some of the delegates dressed up in Tassie Devil outfits halfway through the night. What a hoot!

Tilma key out-takes:

-          Technology is a gift for tourism

-          Destination management is more than just a plan, managing a destination requires more than just marketing and tourism


Destination Management is the new buzz in the tourism world, and I was fortunate to spend the morning with guru Rose Wright in a destination management masterclass.

It was an awesome way to finish the Convention!

Tilma key out-takes:

-          The key to destination management is collaboration

-          Destination management is also a networking and education process

After lunch it was time to make the journey north, and to say goodbye to Tassie and all of my new tourism buddies.

The trip home started well, but then we boarded a plane with an escorted criminal in handcuffs. I must say I was happy when I was seated at the front of the plane well away from him…my Riverina colleague Sally Nolan was not so fortunate (sorry Sal!).

After a 4-hour wait in Melbourne airport the Riverina contingent boarded the Regional Express flight for Wagga Wagga.

We made it! Despite being pleased to be home (and to actually have some sleep) I cannot wait to head to ARTN Convention 2013 in Western Australia!

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