Funding for regional and rural events now open!

Volunteer Grants - Applications due 20 December!

The Department of Social Services currently has grants of $1,000 to $5,000 for organisations and individuals representing volunteer-based community groups. A number of types of entities are eligible.

The grants aim to support Australia’s volunteers who help disadvantaged Australian communities and encourage inclusion of vulnerable people in community life.

Funding is available for community development, community participation, volunteering, and multicultural inclusion for services or one-off projects or events.

For details of the volunteer grants, read more here.

For details of the volunteer grant guidelines, read more here


Community-Building Grants

Building Better Regions Fund grant applications for $5,000 to $10 million open 18 January, 2017.

These grants are for funding community-building activities such as new or expanded events, strategic regional plans, and leadership and capability building activities that will deliver economic and social benefits to regional communities.

Grants are for local governments and not-for-profit companies, for projects that have not yet started by the time of application but will be complete within 12 months by the end of 2019.

For small projects with a total project value of less than $20,000, funding will be up to 100% of project costs. Partial or full exemption to the co-funding requirement is possible by demonstrating exceptional circumstances.

Tilma Group can provide you with a quote for applying for this grant for you. 


Northern Australia Tourism Initiative

If you are a tourism business operating in Northern Australia, you can apply for:

  • Business Evaluations
  • Supply Chain Facilitation
  • Growth Services
  • Business Growth Grants
  • Tourism Workshops
  • Tourism Partnerships

The support goes beyond the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and Australian Small Business Advisory Services to better serve northern Australian tourism businesses. 

An experienced private sector business facilitator will work with the successful applicants on a range of challenges, and after developing a Tourism Partnerships plan, the group may be eligible to apply for a Business Growth Grant through a lead business.

Learn more.


Year-round Grant Opportunities

Grants and opportunities such as these are offered all through the year from a wide variety of sources. 

If you would like help to find grants that your event or organisation is eligible for, Tilma Group is happy to be of service. We can help you figure out which of the huge number of grant opportunities out there fit your business. 

Learn more here, or contact Tilma Group at for more information. 

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