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Rabobank Marquee at Felton Food Festival 2016

Rabobank Marquee at Felton Food Festival 2016

FUNDING would have to be our biggest hurdle. The festival costs $40k to run at a minimum. As a free event, ways to raise this is becoming an increasingly hard project that the committee faces each year. Corporate sponsors are few and far between.
— Anon. Regional Event Organiser, NSW
SPONSORSHIP is the organisations greatest barrier, particularly in a rural town with local businesses relying heavily on the seasons - raising money to hold the event is particularly difficult in the dry season.
— Anon. Regional Event Organiser, NSW

As a volunteer, sourcing corporate sponsorship is not an easy task. Chances are you're already over-committed, stressed, and desperately trying to deliver an event, which generates positive economic and social benefits for your community. Whether it’s a niche event for 50 delegates or a community festival for 10,000 patrons, Tilma's Guide to Mastering Regional Event Sponsorship will help you to piece together an attractive sponsorship proposition and give you the confidence you need to pitch it. 

With easy to understand and implement advice, case studies and tips and tricks from our team of seasoned regional event professionals, we'll enable community Event Organisers (just like you), to streamline your systems and procedures and to make the most of valuable time, energy and resources by…

  • Outlining the importance of establishing mutually beneficial partnerships and demonstrating proven strategies that will help build long term relationships 
  • Teaching you how to calculate your sponsorship targets and suggesting ways in which you could adapt if these targets are not met 
  • Identifying the various forms of event sponsorship and acknowledging alternate revenue streams 
  • Helping determine an events sponsorship potential and highlighting untapped opportunities 
  • Addressing the problems volunteer committees face when securing local sponsorship for festivals and events held in regional, rural and remote communities 
  • Providing the skills and knowledge you need to identify potential sponsors and partners
  • Pinpointing common objectives of corporate sponsors and community sponsorships 
  • Enabling you to determine you sponsorship proposition and to produce an attractive prospectus that is more then a sales tool 
  • Equipping you with the skills, expertise and confidence necessary to approach a potential sponsor or partner and empowering you to create and deliver you own elevator pitch 

Download our Guide to Mastering Regional Event Sponsorship and tackle sponsorship head on this financial year!

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