An Intern's Blog Post

(left to right) Team Tilma: Managing Director Linda Tillman, Claire Batchelor, Lisa Cameron and Kushla Gale

(left to right) Team Tilma: Managing Director Linda Tillman, Claire Batchelor, Lisa Cameron and Kushla Gale

Hi all, I’m Kushla, a new intern at Tilma Group.

I learned about Tilma in the luckiest way—my brother met Linda in a café, and when he learned about her company, he said, ‘My sister will want to meet you!’. I can’t believe there’s a private company in my town responsible for destination development and marketing! I’m so impressed that Linda started this company, a rarity in this normally council-managed field.

A bit about me: I’m studying a Bachelor of Business in International Tourism Management after lots of hospitality roles in tourist destinations. I’m excited to move direction towards a professional role in destination development and marketing. What I loved about working in tourism was making happy people who are happy to be on holiday even happier! And marketing is fun, because it includes finding creative ways to let those people know about the wonderful experiences available to them in the beautiful destination you live in. Plus, I love being a tourist myself <3 I love the sense of wonder of being somewhere new.

I grew up in the orchard and bush country just north of Toowoomba but I left Australia twenty years ago to live in the US and later the EU. I love local exploration tourism, and I’m really keen to learn about half-day trips around Toowoomba, and opportunities for longer nearby getaways. (What are your tips?) I’m also passionate about community, and hope to be a part of connecting new Aussies with other Australians in Toowoomba; I know what it’s like to be an immigrant.

Over the next seven months as Tilma’s intern I’ll be learning the real how-it’s-done of event management, strategic marketing planning, tourism product development, PR and social media, and a whole lot more! I think best of all so far is the positive energy that’s already apparent with Tilma’s crew. A fun and supportive manager and co-workers transform work, don’t they?

August was my first month with Tilma Group that became a whirlwind of the behind-the-scenes of running a festival. Event management is not my path, but I know festivals can be a big boost to a destination so it was really helpful to see how much work they are—I’ll remember that if I ever suggest one for a destination! They need many months and man-hours to prepare. I also got to see the strengths of my coworkers over this month. And now I have a week free to recover!

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