Revents Academy

Creating a community of regional events driven by fun and productive teams that work hard, but are less busy!

The overarching aim of this integrated learning program is to provide event committees with tools, resources and support to ensure they deliver a quality event without burning out their team.

We believe that because of this, the following will also be achieved:

Sustainability: More sustainable festivals and events in regional destinations

Quality Events: Professional and capable volunteer community groups delivering events and attracting attendees

Growth: Growing established events into flagship destination events

Regional Success: Improving the visitor experience and encouraging regional dispersal and increased visitor spend

Collaboration: Linking event committees across regions to encourage collaboration, information sharing and possibly resource sharing

Experiences: Higher-quality festivals and events, which offer a destination experience

Events are important drivers of tourism. Research indicates three-quarters of event attendees would not have gone to a destination if not for an event. In addition, for 57% of first-time visitors to the region, the event is the main reason for visiting and likewise for 69% of repeat visitors
— Reinventing Rural Places, The extent and impact of festivals in rural and regional Australia | Uni of Wollongong

Overwhelmed by the amount of information and resources out there for events? Let us do the hard work for you.

Join our online community of regional and rural events across the world to share information, support one another and network.


For just $365 per year, your event will get access to:

Practical tools and resources
A curated knowledge base with relevant articles and research
A discussion board to share your news or ask your peers and experts for advice
Regular case studies and learnings from events around the globe
Prompts on  industry events and funding opportunities


Join a community of fellow event committees and volunteers from throughout regional and rural Australia, enjoy powerful networking opportunities and take your regional or rural event to the next level.