Easy Digital Content Marketing Tips

Tips about how to write and plan content and who for, insights into social media platforms and trends, SEO, how to write blogs, and leveraging partnerships.
A ton of useful info packed into one blog - we didn't want to break it up because it's all from a digital marketing workshop provided by our regional tourism organisation for free!

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How to innovate - with storytelling

Storytelling is an inexpensive way to innovate, connect with customers, and differentiate your business from your competitors. Here are tips about how to create stories, and to create and edit videos on your phone to share on your social media.

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The importance of Indigenous products for regional tourism

Regional Australia is rich in Indigenous culture. People travel from across the world to see prehistoric paintings in a cave in France, which we also have here in Australia, together with the living cultural descendents! If we can get it right, there is an opportunity for regional destinations to create rich, authentic, engaging experiences for visitors.

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Two Families and a Weekend in the Country!

The parents enjoyed the easy things and ‘firsts’, and the kids enjoyed the free things and parent time. Roma Easter in the Country could satisfy all of this and more – a perfect family weekend.

Sunday morning, the wives rallied their trusty steads (aka husbands) and saddled up for the Wife Carrying Race. With record entries, the lineup was tough. We didn’t take out the trophy (boo), but we gave the kids an opportunity to laugh at their parents for the rest of the weekend. 

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Mumbrella Travel Marketing Summit and Awards 2017

Our Event Guru, Claire:
I was very excited to be attending the summit and had very high expectations of the conference due to the notable calibre of presenters. Sadly, the summit was not as I expected and I felt a bit disappointed at the lack of inspiration and education provided. Maybe that was my overly high expectations letting me down, but I can honestly say that I have received more valuable insights from locally run workshops and conferences in the Toowoomba region than I did at this big-named summit.

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Designing your own strategies to shape and inform your future

We all know that the face of domestic tourism is changing, and at a rapid pace!The inbound Chinese market is influencing our approach to tourism, changes in the economy have seen international travel decrease and domestic travel increase, and increased domestic air services and cheaper fares have seen travel to capital cities and major regional centres boom.

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Tilma Client 'Visit Deni' uses business levy to match funding from Destination NSW!

Team Tilma are excited to be managing a project that will fast-track the growth and development of Deniliquin as a vibrant regional destination.

Often small regional destinations don't have the big bucks for tourism promotion. We commend Edward River Council for pushing ahead with a levy on commercial businesses in Deniliquin to increase their available funds so they could apply for matched funding from Destination NSW. This has given Council a budget of $240,000 for tourism promotion! This was a smart, strategic way for Visit Deni to create an exciting campaign.

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A lot has happened in a year! 

We’d love to share with you some of Tilma Group’s growth and achievements in 2016. We’ve certainly been living and breathing regional tourism every day!

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Funding for regional and rural events now open!

The Department of Social Services currently has grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to support Australia's volunteers!
Building Better Regions Fund grants for funding community-building activities such as new or expanded events, strategic regional plans, and leadership and capability building activities open 18 January, 2018. 

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