This is work? Judging the Vanuatu tourism awards

I've just been to Vanuatu to help judge the biennial Vanuatu tourism awards for the third time. The friendliest and happiest people on earth live in Vanuatu. The Ni-Vanuatu (the local Melanesians) are the most beautiful people that you will ever meet. Every time I visit I feel more and more at home. This place has certainly taken a piece of my heart (maybe a Tilma office in Vanuatu is on the cards!).

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Linda TillmanComment
Travel as a path to insight

Picture this: you've just walked up a good size peak through beautiful bushland and granite boulder country, you've taken the requisite selfie with the world-renowned view from the top, you've tripped down 900 steps (glad you asked advice on which direction around the walking track loop you should go!), and you're lying on pure soft white sand, gazing at the turquoise bay before you... Now, what's going through your mind?

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Kushla Gale Comment