Who we help


Grow your tourism industry with

  • strategic planning

  • new event + experience development

  • destination marketing

  • industry capacity building

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Put your destination on the map!
Tilma Group can help you with

  • a strong strategic vision

  • competitor analysis

  • marketing goals

  • tourism development plans with clear implementation outlines
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Whether you need mentoring,
or help with securing funding,
marketing, developing events or
tourism awards submissions,
we can help you grow your tourism business towards a solid future. 

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Tilma Group can assist regional events with all aspects of delivering a successful event:

  • 10-module training course to build event management skills

  • event revitalisation plans for long-term sustainability

  • marketing plans

  • successful grant applications

  • tourism award submissions

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How we help

Tilma Group has a reputation for understanding the challenges and opportunities for tourism in regional areas. With their creative insights, intuitive marketing and professional event management know-how, Tilma Group consistently delivers beyond our expectations.
— David Sheldon, Elm Cottage


Regional Tourism Strategists / Event Resilience Specialists

Empowering Regional & Rural Communities

Tilma Group helps regional and rural communities work smarter in growing their local visitor economy.

Big-picture thinkers with over 15 years’ experience across the tourism industry, we connect the dots holistically in strategic planning that focuses on getting the implementation right across

  • product and experience development

  • industry and community capacity building

  • brand and marketing

  • visitor services

  • events

We bring stakeholders together and equip them with the know-how and tools to create a sustainable local tourism industry that ensures the future growth of the community.

Tilma Group has grown since 2008 to become one of Australia’s most respected regional tourism and event agencies. Led by managing director, Linda Tillman, the consultancy services clients from the Northern Territory to Victoria and beyond from its base in Toowoomba in southeast Queensland.

Tilma Group began with hands on event management, marketing implementation, and new product development, evolving over time to use this experience to now support growth in tourism via strategic planning and mentoring for successful implementation based on this solid foundation in the practicalities of managing destinations and events.

Team Tilma is committed to building the strength and sustainability of regional and rural communities. We are proud to work with everyone from ‘two-man towns’ to bustling regional centres to drive the exciting growth of the tourism industry off the beaten path - and deliver exceptional results.

“Tilma Group have gone above and beyond expectations. They have provided a far more detailed and region-wide report than what was in the scope, and in doing so have painted a very ambitious and exciting vision for visitor servicing across our region. This document will provide a great lobbying platform to expand and increase our visitor servicing across the region and service the customer in the best way possible.”

- Stephen Schwer, Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Central Australia

We are passionate about tourism DEvelopment and regional events and delivering the best results for our CLIENTS.

Tilma Group employs a team of highly skilled, professional and friendly people who are passionate about tourism and events, are from regional areas in QLD, NSW and VIC and are ready to help deliver the best results for you!

rEVENTS Academy

Creating a community of regional events, driven by fun and productive teams that work hard but are less busy.

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Regional Festivals & Events Network:

Festivals and events are significant drivers of the visitor economy in regional and rural Australia, so it's important that we continue to sustainably manage our events and use them to drive increased visitation. 

This group is for anyone involved in regional festivals or events (of any size and scale) to share knowledge, transfer ideas and collaborate. 

  • If you are struggling with something put out a call and we will help
  • If you need a recommendation for a supplier, shout out and we can help
  • If you want others to help promote your event, share the information and images and we will spread the word
  • If you have a handy tip or tool that could benefit others, please share! 

The Regional & Rural Destination Marketing Group has two primary goals:

  1. To boost exposure for regional/rural/remote communities/destinations so that more visitors start to disperse out of the traditional hot spots and into the gems of inland Australia.
  2. To create a nationwide group of tourism and marketing peeps focused specifically on collaboration and helping each other achieve goal #1 ^^.

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