Gen Z will influence 40% of travel by 2020!

Virtuoso surveyed its expert travel advisors on the hottest trends in family travel and the results are just what you'd expect: experiential travel is hot!

Some of the biggest family travel trends are in active and adventure trips, educational trips and cultural immersion.

Gen Z is the next generation influencing family travel. This generation, born since the beginning of the 1990s, will make up 40% of consumers with disposable income to travel by 2020 (Source: Digital Tourism Think Tank).

Gen Z is seeking

  • unusual destinations (being well-travelled) 
  • adventure and active experiences
  • cultural immersion for enrichment and learning
  • experiences and beautiful visuals to share on social media
  • trips personalised to their interests
  • boutique and private accommodations
  • and they're travelling with multiple generations of their family for connection. 

Have you seen changes in your destination in family travel trends?

Check out Virtuoso's infographic on family travel trends

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