I am GRATEFUL: My experience with Rare Birds mentorship

Twelve months ago, I was very fortunate to be selected as one of 100 Rare Birds to receive a 12-month business mentoring program. This Tilma bird was VERY excited!

Rare Birds Mentoring is a cornerstone of the Inspiring Rare Birds initiative for supporting female entrepreneurs on their journeys.

Mentorship is a proven form of real-time learning through the transfer of knowledge and experience. The Rare Birds mentoring program connects entrepreneurs with a mentor that will guide them and enable them to better achieve their goals and realise their potential.

I was matched with co-founder of Pixmoto, Simon Knapp from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. What a great match up for me! Simon is inspiring, smart and very intelligent. He got me as soon as we connected on the phone and from the first session, he knew exactly how to support me through my current journey of a lot of change.

The past 12 months have been significant for me, with

  • the celebration of a decade in business,

  • the realization that I can’t keep pushing so hard and doing everything for everyone else,

  • and finally taking the leap to say yes to piloting a concept that I have been talking about for many years – a regional events capacity-building tool for regional event committees and teams…

…a perfect year to have a mentor to guide me and support me…and most importantly, to keep reminding me of what is most important to me …me!

I cannot believe that it took me ten years to finally get myself a business mentor. Now I keep kicking myself for not doing it as soon as I started in business. I highly recommend to everyone in business to get a mentor, join a mastermind, and connect with like-minded people – This is where the gold happens.

So, thank you to Jo Burston of Inspiring Rare Birds for giving me this opportunity, and a MASSIVE thank you to Simon Knapp for listening to me and helping to make things clear and focused. I am grateful!

Any women in business looking for a great mentoring program for yourself or your employees. check out Inspiring Rare Birds.

If you would like to chat regional and rural tourism with Linda connect with her on LinkedIn or pick her brain via PiiQQA.

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