Team Tilma

Linda Tillman

Chief Tourism Visionary & Regional Cheerleader

If there was a gold sticker for the “Person most passionate about tourism in regional and rural Australia”, this chick should get one. Linda has worked in tourism, events and marketing for 15 incredible years, from studying her Business (Tourism) degree in Lismore, to travelling around Australia for 3 years working in tourism, to becoming CEO of Riverina Regional Tourism, launching her own agency, and even judging the national Tourism Awards in Vanuatu

There is no doubt at all that Linda’s experience working in the education, local government and private sectors has given her extraordinary insight, knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry on a local, state and national level. In addition to her experience, Linda’s “sixth sense” is her ability to spot opportunities and guide organisations and operators on how to leverage them for the good of the whole community.

If Robin Hood and the Pied Piper were to procreate, Linda would be their proud offspring. Doing great things for small business, regional communities and rural events, and using her sweet marketing tunes to lure visitors to the country and therefore boost regional economies. Linda has been a judge and business mentor for the Inland Tourism Awards and NSW Tourism Awards, a presenter at many conferences and was elected as a board member of the Australian Regional Tourism Network in 2012.

A true-blue country gal at heart, when she’s not travelling around the countryside giving great advice, Linda is either on her horse, running with her dogs, gardening or chasing the kids around.

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Cristy Houghton

guru of Graphics & Noble Website Warrior

Cristy's unique career has taken her from country NSW to the city lights of Clarendon Street South Melbourne and back again. With an early career in radio as a copywriter and creative strategist, she is now a Jill of all trades as a graphic designer, website builder, blog writer, video editor, social media manager, marketing strategist and more. 

In fact, give her any task and this chick will figure out how to do it! Go on, we dare you!

No, really, we DARE you!!

Cristy has won two Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) for Best Ad and Best Sales Promotion, and even has an 'Employee of the Year' certificate with her name on it.

Cristy and her husband James have traveled extensively through Russia, China and South East Asia, and have two fur-babies, Sooty (cat) and Panda (puppy). Cristy loves drinking coffee, meeting people to drink coffee, coffee tasting and coffee flavoured cocktails. She also enjoys road trips, TED Talks and watching cat videos on youtube.

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Favourite TED Talk

Favourite Cat Video

Jen Nielsen


In the days when Cyndi Lauper just wanted to have fun, when Mick Jagger and David Bowie were dancing in the street, and Olivia Newton John was getting physical in every aerobics gym around Australia... 

Our little Jen Nielsen was dreaming BIG! Bigger than Cher's messy mop, and even bigger than Joan Jett's shoulder pads.

Little Jen Nielsen was on her way to becoming (drumroll...)... The Most Organised Person in the World! Not only does Jen love rocking out to bad 80s music on her boombox (with her cassettes organised by 'best songs to create spreadsheets to'), but she still prefers the good old filofax to a smart phone. 

Jen keeps Team Tilma on their toes, not just with her incredible organisational skills, but by forcing us to moonwalk between the coffee machine and the photocopier.

As well as knowing the lyrics to every Wham song, Jen also has a Marketing Degree from Newcastle University, and recently completed a Cert IV in Human Resources which helped her become a MAHRI accredited member of AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute).

Jen Nielsen on Team Tilma? We should be so lucky!

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Kushla Gale

Ex Intern, she was so good, we had to keep her!

Kushla is a country girl* who grew up in the orchard country north of Toowoomba and went to a country school with just 70 students, before ending up amongst the black and white cows and red barns of Wisconsin in the U.S of A.

For 12 years, Kushla lived in a major US destination, Wisconsin Dells - a little rural town with 3 million visitors a year and the most waterparks per square mile in the world! There she enjoyed fantastic motorbike touring country and lived a spiritual lifestyle in a community with people from all across the globe (kind of like Eat, Pray, Love!), while working in tourism marketing for a B&B/motel/wedding venue/cafe.

Travelling across Europe and spending time in Spain, Kushla learned Spanish, before moving to Brighton, England and then Germany where she also learned German (how many places can one live?). Oh wait, while studying International Tourism Management at Southern Cross University she also spent a semester in Holland. You're spot on if you think that Kushla loves to travel, but she also doesn't mind a spot of cycling, salsa dancing and tree hugging.

You may wonder where is Kushla now? Well she’s back in good old Toowoomba! And what keeps her feet planted firmly on our Queensland soil? A plumber: she is here for love! (Plus, she loves her job!)



Tilma Group's Specialist Sub-contractors

Anna Hayward

Public Relations Pioneer & Conducter of Copy

Anna is Tilma Group’s token Southerner, living in the heart of AFL country in the great garden state. But don’t hold that against her! This chick not only has a way with words, but with the long list of awards and grants she has helped our clients win, we think she’s also our lucky charm.

Anna has a bunch of experience in marketing and public relations, working for large organisations including the City of Greater Geelong, Wyndham City Council, University of Ballarat, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Alcoa of Australia and The Geelong College. She has also worked internationally in the UK for a large telecommunications company and for Cancer Research UK in marketing and communication roles.  

In 2011, Anna came over to the sunny side, and now works primarily in the tourism sector, assisting regions to develop and promote their tourism industry, destinations and visitor experiences. With a beauty based side business and 2 gorgeous kids, Anna is also a master juggler and a valuable member of our team.

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Amy Dampney

PR and Comms Pro

Amy Dampney has 15 years' experience in communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, marketing and journalism.
Prior to joining the Tilma Group, Amy worked in various senior communication roles in the public and private sectors.

Specifically, she worked as a Senior Communications and Community Engagement Consultant for AECOM, a Communications Manager and Public Relations Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), a Journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and as a Marketing Assistant for Merrill Lynch in London.

Hardworking and creative, Amy loves helping businesses and organisations share their stories. Her key strengths include public relations, writing and training.

Amy grew up in western and rural Queensland and spent the majority of her childhood living on a free range piggery (with some cattle) outside Toowoomba. She has an affinity with the bush which makes her perfect for team Tilma!


Lani Paul

PR and Media Relations

Lani is a generalist with specialist interests that all come back to her joy in telling the stories of business owners, events and quirky characters. As a results-driven marketing communications professional, she’s led national publicity campaigns for brands like Paul Newman’s Own, Bing Lee, Tourism & Events Queensland and Coco Republic. She’s led the charge establishing and building the community (online and offline) for Yelp, and can throw a mean event to bring people together and celebrate (her record is 350 people for a Tiki-themed soiree in Brisbane's inner-suburbs). When not slinging words for clients or getting their name up in lights you’ll probably find Lani knee-deep in an internet research spiral or listening to yet another podcast. 
You can get more from her linkedin:

Jayne Jennings

Tourism Strategy Queen!

Jayne Jennings is the principal of JJ Strategic Consulting, a results-focused consultancy specialising in sustainable tourism development, including strategic planning and implementation, industry capacity building, product development, consultation, facilitation and communications.

Jayne has over 20 years of experience in local government, national and regional tourism organisations in Australia and New Zealand where she has been responsible for delivering strategic tourism plans, industry capacity building initiatives and facilitating product development opportunities. She is highly skilled in taking a strategic view of a situation, and identifying and communicating critical issues and opportunities to achieve the desired outcome for stakeholders.

Most recently, Jayne has been responsible for developing a program to enhance the quality of the service experience for visitors to the Gold Coast in the lead up to and beyond the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Previously, she determined the strategic direction for the future of the accredited

Visitor Information Centre network in Australia and Queensland, and developed discussion papers for public consultation on national park assets. Prior to forming JJ Strategic Consulting, Jayne was the Manager of Industry Innovation for Tourism and Events Queensland where she was instrumental in introducing a sustainable regions program across Queensland, and supporting the tourism industry to become China ready.

Hannah Stantham

Content Creator, Curator and Publicist

Contrary to what Hannah’s Instagram feed will have you believe, this pocket rocket spends most of her week behind the desk wielding a sword. Of course, by sword she means pen, but a girl can dream, right?

She’s a PR, social media and copywriting specialist, whipping up words with the same creativity and flair as Kylie Kwong in the kitchen.

When she’s not making words tap-dance across the screen, you'll find her with a nose to the ground looking for newcomers to Brisbane's dining and wellbeing scene.

Aside from being a full time media professional, she’s a full time food and wine enthusiast – and can call out a favourite restaurant in every town, city and country she’s ever visited.

Fleur Charlton

Content Marketing Specialist

With more than 15 years’ experience in the marketing and tourism industries, Fleur Charlton is a marketing communications specialist who has well and truly caught the content marketing bug.

We all know our digital channels are hungry for content. But what type of content is going to get results we need? And how can we get it all done?

An award-winning strategist who can also write, project manage and make sense of the numbers, Fleur is ready to help your business improve its content approach, processes, outputs and results.

From content marketing strategies and editorial calendars, to copywriting and creative content production, Fleur is passionate about working with the tourism industry to create RITE (i.e. Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining) content that meets audience needs.

Sheridan Ferrier

Destination Marketing Specialist

From Sydney icons to the best wine region in Australia, Sheridan boasts more than eighteen fabulous years in destination marketing, PR and events.
With a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Management (MMgt), and Bachelor of Education (BEd), a Certified Practicing Marketer and graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors, is there nothing she can’t do?

A strong all-rounder who loves facing a challenge head on, Sheridan’s enjoys sinking her teeth into a new marketing strategy or finding a digital solution to get more bums on seats.

In her spare time, she indulges in her love of dance by instructing Xtend Barre classes or trying new adventures with her twin boys.


Melinda Samson

SEO/SEM and Digital Analytics Specialist


Amy Walker

Social Media Specialist

Audra Jimenez

Graphic Designer and Brand Development

She's More Than Apples: Hailing from the beautiful Apple Isle, Audra has lived, loved and worked in some of Australia's most lively cities and currently calls a perfect patch of green on the outskirts of Brisbane home. She's creative, adventurous and credits her love of a really cold Pinot Grigio from her formative years in Tasmania.

There are no boundaries between work and play for Audra... when she's not art directing, designing or producing visual art for her clients or employers, you'll find her creating art at home - anything from a concrete bull which commands instant attention on her outdoor patio to crafting delicate, hand printed silk cushions for her One Green Leaf Design business.

On the work front, Audra is a self-confessed brand nerd who loves nothing more than taking a complex, multi-faceted brief and turning it into brand reality for her clients.

When you combine a nomadic lifestyle and a love of getting off the beaten track with a passion for travel, you naturally end up in the tourism industry.  It's here that Audra has carved an impressive niche over the past 26 years working with and for equally passionate people from Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Palace Adventures (Fraser Island), Kingfisher Bay Resort Group and Queensland Rail Travel.

Ashley Bryan

Web Strategist

Krista Eppelstun

Videographer + Photographer

Krista Eppelstun is a freelance videographer and photographer based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Having spent the last two decades working in digital magazine publishing, social media and email marketing, web design and graphic design, she now focuses primarily on videography and photography.

Producing a wide range of projects for tourism boards and destination marketing agencies, such as Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland, Brisbane Marketing and DriveAway Holidays (Canada), Krista loves nothing more than creating fun, upbeat content that helps to tell the story behind the locals, the experiences and the destinations themselves.

Over the past few years, key projects include…

  • Event photography for Tourism Australia’s Dreamtime event
  • Editorial photography for Tourism and Events Queensland’s consumer travel blog
  • Videography and photography on media famils for distribution to media, photos for media galleries and YouTube and social media content
  • Character videos for Outback Queensland
  • Chef and producer profiles
  • Promotional videos for specific events like Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, Winter Harvest Festival and the Gympie Muster.

Krista’s content is expertly crafted, lovingly thought out and executed with the kind of allure that not only hooks your ideal customers but compels them to become life-long fans.

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