2013 Deni Ute Muster

Tilma team members Linda Tillman, Lisa Cameron and number one intern Taryn Hodge enjoyed a proudly Australian experience on the recent long weekend at the 2013 Deni Ute Muster.

The girls departed from Wagga Saturday morning, making the most of the opportunity to fine-tune their Alan Jackson repertoire with the Kluger speakers pumping (for as much as Lisa could bare anyway).

With a drover moving some mob along the road and a mandatory stop over at the Conargo Pub (best known for the car bumper stickers!) there were some slight delays…they made it!

Some of the highlights from the girls include:

-         Bumping into the events and marketing team from Destination NSW at the Conargo Pub – the only ones in the pub. Funnily enough Linda and Lisa met them two days prior in central Sydney, so bumping into them in Conargo was a little different!

-         The dusty 2013 Australian National Circle Work Championships.. Rodeo.. Whip-cracking.. Fireworks..so much excitement in one day!

-         World Record Blue Single Comp with 3924 singlet’s – the girls were a tad disappointed as the singlet’s sold out before they had the chance to grab one!

-         Grooved to Morgan Evans, Casey Chambers and crowd favorite Alan Jackson alongside 25,000 country music fans

-         The trusty baked potato was a great addition following the XXXX bar

-         Meeting some true aussies and enjoy a dance on the ‘dust’ floor at the Bundy Bar

All in all the entire muster was an experience not to be missed. The Tilma girls are looking forward to 2014 already!!