Finance and Security

 1.    Budget for your trip. Consider, food and beverage, spending money, transfers, etc so that you know what you're in for. You do not need surprises! 

2.    Pay for as many things as you can online or with your travel agent before you depart e.g. accommodation, tours, transfers  

3.    Consider converting some cash at your local bank a week or two before you go. This avoids resorting to airport cash converters who do not always give you the best rate  

4.    Leave your passport at the accommodation in a secure location e.g. in a safe or amongst other locked items. This is also a good place to store emergency cash  

5.    Leave your wallet and cards at home just bring your ID and passport and, only carry your ID as required. You'll need a coin purse but you can easily purchase this abroad  

6.    Carry your bag across your chest or on your front/back and, always carry a couple of tissues in your bag. You don't know when you may need them! 

7.    Organise someone who can send you money if necessary. Direct deposit this person a small sum of money before you go so their details are saved in your address book 

8.    Always cover your hand when using an atm, and withdraw cash sparingly to avoid the fees which could be around AU$3.50 per withdrawal   

9.    Monitor your transactions regularly via online banking and report any issues immediately. If you're travelling on your own, consider carrying a second travel money card as well as a backup card 

10.  Use an app to do all of your conversions and keep an eye on the conversion rates. Just watch your budget, as it is easy to over spend!