11. When flying, take note of your maximum baggage allowance. If you need to book additional space try and do so online in advance as it's far cheaper. Posting home is another option however this is often expensive

12. Set up Viber/equivalent or purchase a local sim to contact friends and family. It's also a good idea to utilise free or complimentary wifi where possible

13. Have someone maintain things at home e.g. mail, car, house etc I also attempted to settle any upcoming accounts in advance to ensure they don't become issues later

14. Purchase power adaptors to suit the countries you will travel to and if necessary, bring a small Aussie power board so you can charge multiple things at the same time

15. Immerse yourself in the culture! Try to eat traditional foods daily and adopt as many of the activities and practices you can along the way. Start by learning some basic foreign language

16. Eat well but be conscious of what you're eating. Buy and carry water wherever you go

17. Typically, in Europe you'll be expected to tip if there is not a service fee factored into your bill. You may also need to know that some restaurants or cafés have street front table, which automatically incur an additional fee to sit there

18. Do as many guided walking tours as you can. They're a great way to see a city! Remember coins for tipping at the end

19. Keep a travel journal with little reminders of your trip and add to it regularly. Take daily notes on your phone if necessary especially, if you aren't writing every 2-3 days

20. Postcards are a nice thought for those back at home. Even if they arrive after you do.