Another amazing regional destination and operator....add this one to your bucket list!

Australian Tourism Awards are a fantastic opportunity to bring recognition, credibility and publicity to your experience or destination. Tilma Group offers a comprehensive award submission writing service, and we were recently approached by Cape Trib Beach House to help them put together their entry.

As you can imagine, this required a ‘business excursion’ to Far North Queensland, to experience Cape Trib Beach House for ourselves. Managing Director Linda Tillman packed an overnight bag and set off for this incredible part of Australia.

About Cape Tribulation:

  • It’s home to TWO world heritage sites – Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef
  • It’s the only place in Queensland where the Great Divide hugs the coastline
  • It’s the very place that Captain Cook’s ship was wrecked… hence the name Cape Tribulation and Mount Sorrow
  • It is an amazing coastal drive suitable for any epic road trip
  • A rare chance to disconnect – there is no mains power and no phone service. Just peace, nature and “me time”
  • Despite the power and phones, this place has so much to do! You can choose to do nothing at all and just enjoy nature, or you can get amongst it and have an adventure.
  • In just a day and a half, Linda went jungle surfing, on an ocean safari and horse riding along the beach. She even saw an endangered cassowary!

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Cape Trib Beach House is the only resort in Cape Tribulation located on the beach! This MUST be your base for exploring this amazing destination. You may arrive as guests, but will certainly leave as friends. The staff at Cape Trib Beach House provide exceptional customer service, the food is delicious, and they have a bonfire on the beach every night! Speaking of their beach, it is straight out of the history books. This is THE beach where Captain Cook’s ship was wrecked!

With a variety of accommodation styles – for backpackers through to couples and families, when you book your stay at Cape Trib Beach House, you won’t regret it!

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to start planning your visit to Cape Tribulation, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef – another amazing regional destination.

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