Top 5 Awards Submission Writing Tips to help win Tourism Awards!

1. Before you start your submission allow some time to determine your goals and objectives – know why you are entering the program and use this as motivation to submit your entry. Is it to recognise the team and source public recognition for the hard work? Is it to reflect on the business achievements and set up a benchmarking tool for future growth? Is it to WIn? Maybe it is so you can attend the awesome gala awards night to party with fellow industry peeps? Whatever it is , you need this to be clear and to remind yourself this throughout the process, because it is not easy.

2. Start now, no actually YESTERDAY! Develop a time line that allows you to have it complete 3 days prior to due date (at least), allow time to locate all supporting docs/data, dump content, aim to submit 24 hrs prior to the deadline. We can help you with a suggested timeline if you sign up to the mock judging.

3. Gain input from as many people as possible e.g. In collecting content, brainstorming the questions, PD and up-skilling, empower staff, proof reading. When doing the timeline allocate tasks to staff members - it is so much easier if it is a team effort.

4. Recycle quality content across awards/grants/other. Invest in a copywriter if you would like to take it to the next is not always necessary to re write for everything. 

5. Seek feedback. Aim to finalise your submission at least one week prior to the deadline and seek feedback from family, friends, outsiders or mentors. Even if you are unsuccessful in your first year ask for feedback and take this onboard. Invest in yourself and the business and reapply 

This is an intensive process even for professionals like us, so please take these tips on board, and remember this is an excellent business development process. Even if you do not win, we encourage you to take the time year on year to enter and review your business outcomes and set your goals for the next 12 months. It is your chance each year to work ON the business. Give it a go.
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