How to Leverage Tourism Australia’s Approach to Digital

At Southern Queensland Country Tourism's industry conference, Tourism Australia gave tips for how tourism businesses can leverage Tourism Australia to gain attention to their products.  

Glen Davis’ talk is available to watch as a recorded online webinar: Working with Tourism Australia. Slides of his presentation are online too - take a look!

  • China is about to become our largest international market (sending even more visitors than NZ!)
    There are almost twice as many Chinese coming as UK and USA visitors and they spend twice as much (3 times as much as NZ)
  • Based on surveys, international visitors are looking for safe and good value holidays (rational) and interesting attractions, food, nature and heritage (emotional).
  • This year Tourism Australia’s focus is nature and wildlife, supported by a focus on youth, with global media and personalisation programming. Recently the focus was RestaurantAustralia with a focus on food and wine, and aquatic and coastal experiences supported by business events, indigenous experiences and luxury products.
  • Check out Australia in 360 degrees
  • SeeAustralia is the world’s biggest Facebook page with almost 8 million fans!
    Use #SeeAustralia to share your photos or post them on their Facebook wall – posts can get 50,000 likes!
    Use #RestaurantAustralia for food pics
  • 15-30 second videos do well
  • Send your stories about any new product, destination, refurbishment, experience or event to  
  • Load an offer to encourage the 12,000 Aussie Specialists (overseas travel agents who have specialised in Australia) to experience your product first hand. Add a two-minute video to train them about your region/product
  • Learn how to become export ready with the Tourism Export Toolkit guide
  • Learn how to work with the media with the Making A Splash guide
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