How to provide excellent customer experiences online

Continuing our posts about what we learned about at our RTO's (Southern Queensland County) Tourism Conference. This presentation was by Liz Ward of Tourism Tribe. Take a look at Liz’s presentation slides.

From  Liz Ward's presentation . Online services = website design and hosting, etc 

From Liz Ward's presentation. Online services = website design and hosting, etc 

• A website (rather than a Facebook page only) is essential if you have competition
• Update your GoogleMyBusiness listing

On your website:

• Be mobile-friendly
• Tell your guests what they’ll experience, not “what we offer’
• Announce your awards
• Add your TripAdvisor ratings and reviews
• Have your specials, packages and itineraries on your homepage
• Have great accommodation details and photos
• Use images of your target markets
• Have testimonials
• Don’t have more than 3 clicks from homepage to booking; be easy to navigate
• Have a What’s On page of local events that you keep up to date that is helpful for your guests (and Google loves this!)
• Have links to your social media
• Have no broken links
Test your site


Make Google happy with:

•  A content plan to create new content for regular blog posts on your website (and reuse these on social media)
• Be mobile-friendly and search engine optimised


Look for your strengths and weaknesses in your customers’ journey. Develop a plan to overcome the weaknesses. Prioritise actions. Keep fine-tuning by measuring your customers’ engagement


A Destination Think article shows the financial benefits of smoothing visitors’ online experiences.


Tilma Group was also lucky enough to attend Southern Queensland Country's free Digital Workshop presented by Liz Ward. We'll  be sharing about what we think our clients would find useful in an upcoming blog post.

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