Excellent value at our local regional tourism conference


Our regional tourism organisation’s conference was excellent value for regional tourism operator attendees: the RACQ Southern Queensland Country Tourism Industry Conference (SQTIC). Speakers ranged from the state minister for tourism, Tourism Australia, many speakers from Tourism and Events Queensland, and digital and communications coaches.

Speakers put tourism statistics into context with clear usable examples to show how their insights could be used in attendees' businesses. A long workshop taught attendees step-by-step how to create and edit a video on their phones for posting on social media, including tips on how to do it well. Speakers helped attendees see how to leverage Tourism Australia’s and TEQ’s marketing campaigns.

The conference program and speaker’s presentations are available on Southern Queensland Country’s website and are well worth your time.

Here are some take-outs that made an impression on Kushla: 

Why should you care about digital tourism?

Presentation slides

Dr Jane Summers of SQCT spoke of four key digital trends:
• Mobile
• Virtual reality
• Big data
• Content

• 74% of visitors to your site leave if it’s not mobile-friendly

Virtual Reality
• VR helps tourists see the experience they are looking for
• National Museum Australia lets visitors go in a submarine to the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough 

Big Data
• For personalization of offers and ads – Who are my clients? What do they like? How can I improve my sales and processes?
• Customised alerts

• 85% book a tour after watching a good quality video
• Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page if it has a YouTube video in it
• First create experiences worth sharing
• Capture and share content created by vacationers
• Describe your attraction so it's relatable and helps your guests solve their problems

Travel Cycle:

Dream -> Plan -> Book -> Experience -> Share -> Dream

Dr Summers showed the statistics and helped tourism operators see what to do to maximize their messages at each stage of the travel cycle:

• Dreamers are online Wednesdays from 1-4pm (at work!)
• 65% of dreamers watch videos
• Blog posts: ‘Best time to visit [our destination]’, ‘Best ski/beach/cycle holidays’

• Planning: focus your efforts on your target markets
• 88% of travelers read reviews

• Book: make sure your website is search engine-optimized and mobile-friendly
• 50% of travellers book activities during their holidays
• Link your website to activities your guests can do while they are staying with you
• Provide info about what shoes to bring, opening times, etc

• 89% of travelers share their holiday while on holiday – 75% on Facebook
• Have Wi-Fi for guests


Queensland Minister for Tourism Kate Jones

The Queensland government has four priorities for growing tourism:

1. Grow quality products, events and experiences that leave travellers with an emotional experience

2. Invest in infrastructure and access such as roads, signage, streetscapes and lookouts. This supports drive holidays in regional Qld.

3. Improve the skill sets of workers in tourism for quality service provision. They are encouraging tourism as a career, with Young Tourism Leaders engaging with high school students around why they should choose a career in tourism. Kate would love to hear about how to attract young people to tourism, if you have ideas!

4. Seize the opportunity in Asia Kate commends the industry on the industry’s increase collaboration and cohesion over the last decades.


To be continued with more insights from the speakers at SQTIC...

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