Digital content tips

At Southern Queensland Country's industry conference, a panel of Ameriaus Brisbane food and travel blog, Nick Did This Brisbane ad agency (who did the new Toowoomba Regional Council brand), and Tourism & Events QLD provided a number of tips on creating digital content:

  • Think about what you want to achieve with your content
  • Audiences aren’t obsessed with high-quality video
  • Filmpod is an online editing service
  • PremiumBeat has royalty-free music for $49 for unlimited use. Music adds emotion.
  • Captions may not be necessary - many are listening to sound with Bluetooth headsets
  • A funny example of the Power of Storytelling:
    (combined with a target market – in this case Millenial males, as you can tell from the thumbnail - sorry!)

Content ideas:

  • What’s on in your region
  • What’s being talked about in your region, and your take on it
  • Experiences your guests have
  • Show people having the experience
  • Caption it with what was their favourite bit of the experience
  • Tag your guests and leverage their networks

Southern Queensland Country has created a Content Playbook to help local tourism operators

  • develop an understanding of why content is important
  • how content differs on different social media platforms
  • how to create and find the best content to share for your business
  • how to best align content with the Southern Queensland Country's Hero Experiences of Natural Beauty, History and Heritage, Four Seasons and Authentic Country Life
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