What successful tourism operators do differently

Fred Sarkari was the keynote speaker at our regional tourism industry conference. These ideas from Fred stood out for us:

  • Successful people across all industries reflect and ask themselves why? Why was my guest un/happy? Why did/didn’t that go well? Why did I do that today? Why do I feel this way?
  • Have fun with what you do – people will gravitate to fun
  • Children don’t understand logic and consequences; they are emotional creatures. We are the same.
  • We always make decisions based on emotion and past experiences and then justify those decisions with logic.
  • Your website: Don't tell them why they should come (logic) - get them to feel a story (it will lead to a decision).
  • We share stories of places. Control the stories your guests walk into and out with.
  • Most of your guests don’t have much time. They’ve invested so much into the decision to visit you – time off work, money, opportunity costs of visiting other places. So give them an amazing experience! Engage and connect with them!
  • Your clients come to connect with your business – what’s your story? What’s your vulnerability? What’s your vision – the reason why you do what you do?
Kushla GaleComment